Visit the API documentation page that describes how to use the APIs, including EMI real-time data and ICP connection data APIs. Code samples in multiple languages are available and you can directly interact with the APIs on this site. To start using any API, make sure you sign up to become a member of the API community, and subscribe to one or more API products to receive your key.

Please note that the EMI API community requires a separate sign up from the EMI website.

The Authority may apply an API management policy to any API product on this site restricting either high numbers of calls or the maximum bandwidth available in any given time period for users. Such restrictions are to manage performance of the APIs, ensuring access is maintained for all users and to protect the integrity of underlying systems and hardware. These policies may change without notice and are described in the notes for each API.

Access to, and use of, these APIs is covered by the legal information on the EMI website.